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Alcohol price predictor based on state sin tax rates.  Enter your state, price of your alcohol, cost of alcohol, and tool will predict price in new state. and tell you the percent of purchase price going to tax
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A four mile cab ride - 15 Bucks.  Avoiding Vehicular Homicide - Priceless
alcoscan, alcomate, best prices, best breathalyzer, if you need a breathalyzer
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Drive Safety Personal Breathaliser With Mouthpieces
Drive Safety Personal Breathalyzer
38.88 20.00
AlcoMate and AlcoScan Breathalyzer Retailer Payment Options
AL7000 AlcoMate Premium Breathalyzer
AL7000 Professional Pack alcomate premium
AL2500 Elite Breathalyzer AlcoScan Elite
AL2500 Elite alcoscan 2500
In order to offer our customers the best value for their dollar, we no longer carry the AlcoScan and AlcoMate brands.  We still service customers who have bought these items from us in the past.
Free Shipping on AlcoMate AL7000 Breathalyzer
We do believe the AlcoScan and AlcoMate are good products, but so is the Drive Safety Digital Breathalyzer.  We can offer this at a much better value to our customers.