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Even Lower Breathalyzer Prices on our Specials Page
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July 29th, 2009


Today's drink is a Raspberry Long Island Iced Tea.  Even though
1 oz Monarch . vodka
1 oz Bacardi . light rum
1 oz Jose Cuervo 1800 . Tequila
1 oz gin
1 oz DeKuyper . triple sec
1 1/2 oz sweet and sour mix
1 oz Chambord . raspberry liqueur

This recipe is a little complex, but a very tasty variation of this smashing summer drink.  If you've tried our Drink Cost Analyzer, you will notice that it only accommodates five ingredients.  One way around this (until we fix it) would be to calculate the information on three or four ingredients as one recipe and then use the results from that recipe as an ingredient in the final recipe.


It got to 1030F in Seattle today, so we're going to go a little off topic (alcohol) and talk about ways to keep cool.  It's distantly related in that drinking will be a lot more fun if you're not sweltering.  When it is colder outside than inside (4AM - 6AM is usually best), turn on all exhaust fans and open some windows.  The exhaust fans push air outside your house, which must be made up (the amount of air in your house doesn't change). This will force air in through the open windows more quickly.  The other implication is that you NEVER want to leave exhaust fans running when it is much hotter outside than inside.   Another trick for pulling cold air through the house is to place a fan in the hottest room in the house and point it out the window.  Have a window open in the coldest part of the house (facing the shaded side if during the day).  By pushing the hot air out you will force cool air to be pulled in and you'll create nice flow through the house.



We came across this one while developing our Drink Calorie Analyzer.  Not a lot of data, but some.  Our plan is to develop the Drink Calorie Analyzer and Drink Cost Analyzer to the point that the users don't need to know the calories and costs for the ingredients (we're learning PHP and MySql to pull from databases).